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Con Notas Post-it® organiza tu viaje

Prioriza tus planes de viaje con Notas Post-it®. Ahora puedes hacer que tu y su familia tengan la oportunidad de ver todo en su próximo viaje.

  • Check price mid-week

    Check prices mid-week

    Did you know there are often better deals available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays? Use Post-it® Flags to mark Tues/Wed on your calendar as a reminder.

  • Save with loyalty

    Save with loyalty

    Write your rewards and loyalty club membership numbers for airlines and hotels on a Post-it® Note. Keep near your desk for easy access.

  • Keep surprises to a minimum

    Keep surprises to a minimum

    Jot down flight numbers, takeoff and delivery times and other pertinent information for each team member on a lined Post-it® Note. For an extra touch, remind them of onboard extras that they can't do without – like hand sanitizer and ear buds.

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